The mind of the Author

Living with bipolar i have come to accept the fate that from time to time i will be institutionalized. Not for my benefit but more for my mother’s sake. It is tough to be a parent, i see it everyday with my mom. She believes these institutions help so i humor her. So naturally i would not check myself in so they do this thing where they prove that i am not of sound mind and a warrant is issued in my name to be taken to the institution. So i cannot leave when ever i want. Man that place is boring. You sleep for for like 5 hours but when you check the clock only 30 minutes have by i promise! Like i started smoking there just to get the edge off (no worries i only smoke inside the joint (hehehe), i guess big tobacco is preying on the vulnerable).So to kill time i talk to the other patience doing time with me. I met this Thai Lady, very smart, she did a undergrad in chemical engineering, then did her masters in chemical engineering, and then did her Phd in petroleum engineering with her thesis being on fracking and its impact on the environment…something along those lines. Her problem was that she has all these ideas and talks fast that people do not get her, then she gets frustrated and then they said she had bipolar. In my head i was like man that sounds so familiar. Then there was this lady she kept talking to Phil, Phil was not there. Now when dealing with people who exist in other people’s head you gotta be very careful that you do not offend the imaginery person, the other person will flip out on you, its just best that you keep away, you do not want anything to do with that person, you are just here to do your time and get out. But i guess during my stay they were able to figure out her medication. She was a totally different person when Phil left (another man messing up a woman’s life, am i right ladies). Turns out she was a mother of two happily married worked in marketing. Just two years ago she started hearing voices. Yet here we are sharing bunks with a woman that takes her clothes off every 30 mins (it gets old). So to get release you just gotta go with the system, wake up in the morning, shower, eat when it is time to eat, attend classes (this was basically some overpaid person because all they made us do was color in disney pictures. YES I WAS EFFING COLORING IN FOR ENTERTAINMENT). We all have problems, some have way worse problems than passing time coloring in, still they rise and grind. No excuses!! I hope you enjoy my musings.

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