Review: Lucky Number Slevin

When I became atheist, I asked myself one simple question. What is the meaning of life? I drew on all my experience from my own life and from what I have seen of others lives from the news, documentaries, social media, etc. One conclusion I came to is that life has no meaning. I have shared this revelation with enough people that I know what your response is going to be… Are you ready? … You are thinking that life is what you make it, you find your own meaning, or some variation of that… Well that is basically agreeing with me. Anything that has meaning is not “it is what you want it to be” only things without meaning can be that. Let’s take the word osmosis for instance. Recalling me Ordinary Level Biology: Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from and area of higher water concentration to an area of lower water concentration through a partially permeable membrane. BOOM! No google! You can double check me on the definition I know I got it 😉. So, there is no way someone can take osmosis and use it to mean something else because the meaning of the word has already been defined. Get it? Got it? Good!

Ton this wise, the question is now why bother? Why not just kill yourself? To be honest, I really have no qualm with suicide or various forms of suicide i.e. euthanasia. No one ever asked to be born, life is shit, I get it, sometimes being nothing seems like a better choice. That is why I will never judge anyone that decides to take their own life. Why do I not take my own life? Firstly, it will break my mother’s heart, I cannot do that to her. She brought me into this world out of love and gave me nothing but love, I cannot repay her with suicide. The same would have gone for my dad but he passed away, so it is a bit of a moot point. Secondly, my parents put too much into my education, for me not to make the most of their sacrifices will be an insult to their efforts and their love for me. Thirdly, life maybe shit and unfair but it can also be a beautiful thing. I was enamored by TV and movies. All the stories of love, falling in love, the struggles of being in love, marriage, children, the white picket fence. I was all about that. As a child I always wondered what that girl will be like. I have had several relationships and in each successive relation I learnt that what I thought was love was not love. As such, at any point in time I have only ever been in love with one person. On the other hand, it hurts when you break up. So much so that sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. It is not about the sex, I have Pornhub and my hands, I will be alright. It’s the companionship. It is a nice feeling to know you have someone watching your back. I have felt how nice it feels and the chance that I can feel that feeling again makes it worth it. Lastly, there is so much opportunity in life. I want to go down in the history books as being one of the greatest! That is what keeps me from ending it all. With that being said, if I am situation where life is not worth it anymore, I will probably end it, regardless of my mother’s feelings. I cannot imprison myself to anyone.

One instance where I would kill myself is if I am ever in a situation where I will be rapped by a man without any form of defense i.e. prison. Thus, I try to stay on the right side of the law at all times. Another situation where I would end it is when the apocalypse comes. Whether it be by zombies, aliens, climate change, whatever! Once it hits the fan that is when I am out. I am too used to sleeping on a bed in air conditioning listening to music that is on some database in the cloud. I do not want to live in a world without such luxuries. Eventually I realized that my imagination was limited. As such, I started putting myself into the situation of the protagonist in any movie. From this I would like to see if I would make the same decisions as the protagonists, if I can I do it better, or is the situation so crazy that I would decide that it is not worth it and I just end my life. It makes things interesting, to say the least. Of course you gotta keep in mind that real life is not like film because everyone is the protagonist of their own story. Get it? Got it? Good!

With Lucky Number Slevin I found a story where I identify with the protagonist. I will do everything that he would have done. To make matters even better, the ending so satisfying. There is a life lesson to be learnt from watching this movie. I think I figured it out and ever since I figured it out, I have looked at life from a different perspective and I feel happier. I will qualify this by saying your experience may differ but I am certain that with an open mind this movie will speak to you too. Another reason that makes this movie so fantastic is that the dialogue between the characters is so majestic. It is like a dance between two intellects trying to see which one will give in to the other. Each of character wise by their own measure, probably a wisdom obtained from a probably very fascinating back story. Each line of dialogue seems purposeful and there are no wasted words. Every line of dialogue paints the picture of each character and the world and how fate sometimes brings people together over the smallest of chances which leads to the craziest chain of events.

Lucky Number Slevin is hands down a very good movie that will keep you coming back for more owing to the satisfying end of the story. With each rewatch you see the masterfully placed hints by the writer and the dialogue makes more sense each time.  

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