Confession Part 2: Deep Down Inside I am Scretly Hoping for Four More Years of Trump

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Actually, the more correct saying is, “The true creator is necessity, who is the mother of our invention” Thank you internet for that fact. I know if it is on the internet it must be true right. Why is that? Why are we so skeptical of stuff on the internet but not of stuff in books? What makes what is written in books more reliable than what is on the internet? It’s the effort. It is so much easier to believe someone who puts in more effort than someone who puts in less effort. Take Wikipedia and the old school encyclopedia. I used to hate school projects. They always had me writing about shit I did not care about. Taj Mahal? Union Jack? Like seriously. At the end of the day I am glad I did them because I ended up being fascinated about what I found out during the project. If I had never been asked… required is a more appropriate word here… to do the project in school I would never had learnt about Guy Fawkes. Whether you think he was a revolutionary or a terrorist is irrelevant but he was the inspiration for one of the best works of movie magic, V for Vendetta. In that portrayal they paint V (the protagonist and a pseudo Guy Fawkes) as a man on a mission of vengeance. This revenge was going to happen regardless. It just so happened that his revenge lead to a revolution. The revolution is what we call collateral damage; it is the collateral damage of the protagonist’s revenge.

Back to my discussion on Wikipedia vs. Encyclopedia. So, my parents never bought encyclopedias. In all honesty, I did not want them to buy encyclopedias, I would rather they bought me a PlayStation which they did. See, I like stuff! And stuff that allows me to do things I like I love the most. I love video games so I loved my PlayStation more than encyclopedias. Come Christmas or a birthday I would ask for a new game rather than the latest set of Encyclopedias. This one time we got a project on Ancient Egypt. I think I had about a month to do the project but being me, I waited until the last weekend to start working on the project. Problem, I did not have the information readily available at home and school was closed for the weekend so I could not go to the library to use the encyclopedias or to the computer room to use Encarta. Not sure if you remember Encarta or whether it is still a thing but it was an electronic encyclopedia. I was in a jam and of course I waited until Sunday to rectify the situation. What was my plan? To manipulate my mother into talking my dad into taking me to his office to use Encarta on his computer. See my dad was a typical African father, if you are fed, got clothes on your back, and you are going to school then his job was done. If you want emotional support go talk to your mother. I paint a harsh picture but it was actually quite healthy and my discussions with my dad were on things like life and what it means to be a man. I learnt a lot from him, but I digress. My mother was education focused. If her babies needed anything for school it would get done… rather my father would be “asked” to get it done.

Long story short I managed to get my mom to get my dad to take me to a computer. Only problem is that my dad was certain that he did not have Encarta on his computer… I seriously thought it came default on computers like solitaire… remember the days when solitaire came default on all computers? At that time this thing called the internet was on the rise. It was making waves and there were these things called internet cafes where you would pay to use someone’s computer to surf the internet. I had no interest in this internet thing… this was before I realized there was porn on the internet… I just wanted to use their Encarta; well I was hoping they had Encarta on their computers. We end up at the café and I ask if they had Encarta on their computers. My worst fears were realized, they looked at me as if I was speaking a foreign language. Freaking Encarta, do you have it?!? Luckily one of the attendants asked me what I was looking for from Encarta and I said information on ancient Egypt. At this point their mood lightened up as they realized they could help me. “You can get that information off the internet” they said. Really!!! Great, I will not get punished tomorrow at school for not doing my project. You could tell the internet was new then because in the search bar we would type, “Can I get information on ancient Egypt?” haha, like the internet was this benevolent deity that we needed to appease to get what we needed. Imagine looking up porn in the same manner, “Can I have images of boobies?” lol. I found pages and pages of information. I remember reading some of it thinking this sounds crazy but I didn’t care as long as I had something to write. One story I read was how they believed in this god who basically brought all of existence into being by masturbating and swallowing the resultant cum… or something to that effect. Pretty crazy, but true. See if I had read that in a book I would not have been as skeptical as reading it on some website. The main reason being it does not take much effort to get a website; I mean look at Wikipedia, you can create a page on there about anything and all the information that is on there is user submitted. So nothing is stopping me from adding total nonsense on that page and if someone reads it they may think it is true. In case you were interested I scored pretty well on my project. I got the highest mark when compared to my group of friends and that is all that matters. Bragging rights.

Back to my idiom about necessity; Encyclopedias were replaced by Encarta as computers became more prevalent; Encarta was replaced by the internet as the internet became more readily available. The replacement was brought about by necessity; the necessity being the need for convenient access to information. Same thing with the Trump presidency; the necessity here being that the people were tired of the same old politicians. President Trump presented something new, something different. From day one we were not disappointed as he signed several controversial executive orders only to have them all overturned. Ever since he has really been a fish out of water. The reason why I think he is good because I feel he is the most transparent president we have had…I say that like I have a lot experience with American presidents. I do feel though that all the previous presidents were of the same cloth as Obama, you know, a seasoned politician who knows the ropes. Trump presents something different. Someone who really does not care about politicking and is more into doing the job at hand. I listen to everything he says because I do not think there is an ulterior motive behind it. Case and point his statements on Obamacare something he promised to remove when he got into office, “who knew healthcare was this complicated” (I paraphrased). Whether Trump’s transparency is deliberate is neither here nor there but it definitely shows that the president is not the one running the country or rather the president does not have full power. Whether that is deliberate design to prevent dictators or not; or whether it is a good thing or not is not important. What is important is that the Trump presidency has given us the most information about the office of the presidency and this is important as it shows us how much power we as the people truly wield. If the highest elected official does not have that much power then who does and how do they get into that position of power. It is for this reason that I am secretly hoping for 4 more years of Trump.

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